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Occupational integration

Occupational integration

Young ISAE-ENSMA graduate engineers typically work in the industrial sectors of aerospace and ground transportation, in design or R&D departments.

Branches of activity

60% of graduates work in aeronautics and aerospace, which is in keeping with the wish which most students express when arriving at ISAE-ENSMA. However, thanks to the broad academic training they have received at ISAE-ENSMA, others choose to work in other branches, such as mechanical engineering and ground transportation (25%), energy (10%) and industrial computing.

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Nature of the activity

At the beginning of their careers, more than 80% of ISAE-ENSMA engineers work in engineering design or, research and development. Approximately 6% work in a production department, and less than 3% as sales engineers.
ISAE-ENSMA graduates are mainly recruited by large national and international companies (EADS, SAFRAN, Airbus, Dassault, Renault, THALES, PSA, FRAMATOME, etc …) or by associated service providers, such as ALTRAN or Teuchos.

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Engineering careers after graduation