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A word from the director

A word from the director

Seen as a reference on its territory and its region, member of the ISAE group, world leader in aerospace engineering higher education and research, ISAE-ENSMA successfully faces the industrial and societal challenges, in the fields of transport and energy, by training high level engineers, able to manage complex projects, showing leadership to manage teams and organizations, and initiative for entrepreneurship, in a worldwide highly connected environment.

This approach guides the training program of the ISAE-ENSMA engineers for the next few years. The program is supported by many academic and industrial partnerships, as well as research projects of excellence, closely linked to high-level courses.

Founded in Poitiers in 1948, ENSMA has been located since 1993 next to the site of Futuroscope. In 2011, ENSMA turns a corner by taking on the name of ISAE-ENSMA by creating, with ISAE-SUPAERO, the ISAE Group, the 1st world centre of training and research in aeronautical and space engineering.

The programs is extensive, covering fields such as fluid and structure mechanics, aerodynamics, energy, heat transfer and propulsion, materials, real-time computer science… Many industrials participate to the teaching activities, and share with students their professional experiences, in the framework of industrial chairs and sustainable partnerships.

Humanities and social sciences are also included in the programs, as well as a solid international culture, to strengthen the expertise of our students.

Our students are strongly involved in their education, through innovative projects, they are the next generation of scientists and managers, able to meet the industrial and societal challenges of the future.

The following pages give a fairly complete description of our school. I hope you enjoy reading it.

In 2011, ENSMA turns a corner by taking on the name of ISAE-ENSMA. Indeed, ISAE – Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace created from the merger of SUPAERO and ENSICA- takes the initiative to give their name to French aeronautical engineering schools by respecting a common charter of values and sharing collective projects of development. In 2012, ESTACA and the French Air Force Academy join the ISAE Group. The ISAE Group aim to increase the influence and visibility of its members, to promote high-level engineering training in the aeronautical and space fields.

Prof. Roland FortunierDirector of ISAE-ENSMA