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Roland Fortunier, new director of ISAE-ENSMA

On 1 September, Roland Fortunier will succeed Francis Cottet as head of ISAE-ENSMA for a first five-year term. Roland Fortunier, professor of universities, elected by the board of directors on June 10, will be appointed on September 1st and for five years director of the ISAE-ENSMA. Its project is to strengthen the positioning of the School on its territory, in its region, and within an international ISAE group. The School must be a reference for the training of high-level scientists capable of anticipating, meeting industrial and societal challenges, and innovating in a highly connected world context. It builds on ISAE-ENSMA’s DNA, academic and industrial partnerships in aeronautics, space, transport and energy, as well as solid fundamentals linked to a search for a excellence and high-level training. The strategy and organization that stem from its ambition for the School revolve around five main axes: Develop the ISAE group and strengthen the positioning of ISAE-ENSMA in the region Developing “agreed” industrial partnerships Responding to major industrial and societal challenges Develop the “Training – Research” offer, respecting the fundamentals Continue the process of continuous improvement by focusing on concerted action “Thinking about technological, economic, societal and human developments, and thus training the scientist of tomorrow as an actor in these evolutions, must be the driving force behind our decisions”. As such, a “FuturoLab” could be created at Futuroscope, on the site of the School in Poitiers. Roland Fortunier in brief … Aged 56, Civil Engineer of the Mines (E80), doctor of materials sciences, Roland Fortunier carried out research abroad, in Germany and in Canada, then in major industrial groups of the nuclear and the steel industry , Before joining the world of higher education. He was appointed Professor of the Ecole des Mines in Albi-Carmaux (France) in 1995. He set up a...

école nationale supérieure de mécanique et d’aérotechnique

école nationale supérieure de mécanique et d’aérotechnique

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