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ISAE-ENSMA in a few figures

Our missions

Within the framework of its public service missions, ISAE-ENSMA develops highly connected research and training activities, which are based on numerous academic and industrial partnerships. These activities are based on the following shared vision.

Strongly involved in its territory and region, as a member of the ISAE group, and a bearer of aeronautical and space excellence for the mobility of the future, ISAE-ENSMA responds to industrial and societal challenges by offering high-level scientific and technological skills, to steer complex research and technology projects, to manage teams and organisations, to pass on values, and to give a global vision in a highly connected and rapidly evolving context.

Our students are strongly involved in their education, through innovative projects, they are the next generation of scientists and managers, able to meet the industrial and societal challenges of the future.

Our strengths

People come to ISAE-ENSMA for its high-level training and research.

Our training | Our laboratories

We join a large family by joining school, we thrive there through more than 70 associations and clubs managed by the Cercle des Elèves.

Campus and community life video | Associations | Student’s office

We are attached to the school by the richness of its events which bind the actors of the school.

Major events in video | 70 years of the school

A word from the director

Founded in Poitiers in 1948 to train engineers in the fields of mechanical and aeronautical engineeing, ISAE-ENSMA has been located since 1993 north Poitiers, on the Poitiers-Futurocope aeronautics and transport campus…
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Roland Fortunier

Director of ISAE - ENSMA


november 29

LP2I high school students visit

november 29 and 30

En of studies project defenses

december 2

Webinar with Stelia Aerospace

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