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With a Professionalization Contract, the student completes the last year of the engineering degree program in a work-study program with an assignment in a company.

They develop a project in the field of aeronautics, space, land transport and energy, with a possible specialization in “Aerodynamics, Energetics, Heat transfer”, “Structures and Advanced Materials”, or “Computer science and Avionics”.

The contract is signed between the company and the student, and a training agreement is signed between the company and ISAE-ENSMA.


What's in it for the company ?

  • To integrate a young high-level employee and train him/her in the company’s methods.
  • Entrusting an employee with a mission for the company for one year, with more than 30 weeks of presence.
  • To have the support of an academic tutor for the execution of the mission.
  • Obtain partial funding from the OPCO for the learner’s training and the activity of the company tutor.
  • Meet the obligation to hire alternating work experience students (for companies with more than 250 employees, subject to the apprenticeship tax, 4% of employees must be students under this regime).

How do the time spent in the company and at school fit together ?


Steps for the company

  • Contact your OPCO to find out about the implementation procedures.
  • Define a job description corresponding to the mission and get the validation from ISAE-ENSMA.
  • Select the candidate through a recruitment procedure.
  • Sign a professionalization contract with the student.
  • Sign a training agreement with ISAE-ENSMA.

Cost of the training

Between €7,000 and €7,500 depending on the level of funding from the OPCO.



Annette ROY, head of corporate relations office, annette.roy@ensma.fr

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