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The EUR-IntREE (Etude des Interfaces en aéRonautique, Energie et Environnement), following the “Graduate School” model, provides a master-doctorate continuum in a field of research related to the phenomena occurring at the interfaces between media with different physicochemical properties. The control of interactions at fluid-solid interfaces allows for the improvement of energy conversion or chemical reaction efficiencies as well as the increase of material lifetimes, thus reducing the environmental footprint of systems.

With an important international dimension and strengthened links with economic players (SAFRAN, SOLVAY, ORANO, etc.), EUR-IntREE enables selected students to join a programme of excellence with a strong immersion in the research environment, as close as possible to the researchers, starting with the Master’s degree. Based on an innovative teaching system (project, internship, laboratory practice, etc.) and building on existing Masters programmes, EUR-IntREE offers multidisciplinary research training to prepare a new generation of researchers capable of responding to the emerging energy and environmental challenges of our society.

This University Research School supported by the University of Poitiers, in partnership with ISAE-ENSMA and the CNRS, brings together the two multidisciplinary Poitiers institutes : Pprime (Physics, Materials, Engineering Sciences) and IC2MP (Chemistry, Catalysis, Geology, Hydrogeology) and the associated Masters courses in the same research dynamic:

  • Chemistry (SFA-UP)
  • Energy (SFA-UP)
  • Design engineering (SFA-UP)
  • Material Sciences (SFA-UP)
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environment (SFA-UP)
  • Aeronautics and Space (ISAE-ENSMA)

A scholarship system encourages international mobility (incoming and outgoing) for all students, from the master’s to the doctorate level.

    Evaluation of research projects (M1 – S1) in the form of posters

    L’EUR INTREE is:

    Joining excellent

    masters programmes

      • Innovative teaching methods (projects – multidisciplinary courses – internships)

      All internships and research projects are rewarded

      • Support for international mobility

      Mobility grants for all internships abroad

      • Multidisciplinary training in English

      Improve your English, broaden your field of expertise

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