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Research has been an integral part of ISAE-ENSMA since its creation. The activities developed by the teacher-researchers and CNRS researchers focus on problems arising from the industrial transport sector. The vast majority of the work is carried out in collaboration with the major groups in the sector and a few SMEs. In this context of strong links with industrial R&D centres, the school offers the opportunity for doctoral training that is complementary to the engineering and Master’s degree programs.


It is a training to and through research in a scheme similar to that of an apprenticeship. The PhD program combines a three-year professional research experience with high-level complementary teaching that prepares a doctoral student directly for professional life. There are many  opportunities since the diploma opens up careers in higher education in France and abroad, but above all to R&D positions in companies in the industrial sector.

The experience acquired in solving innovative subjects also makes it possible to become an entrepreneur. The thesis is a high-level scientific exercise  (which last for a maximum of three years) but also requires project management skills, and reporting and communication obligations such as those that may arise within a company.


In summary

The doctoral training provided to doctoral students is broad and consolidates scientific, innovation and project management skills throughout the three years of the thesis.

2 major laboratories to prepare your PhD


P' Institute

The P’ Institute (UPR CNRS 3346) in partnership with ISAE-ENSMA and the University of Poitiers.


LIAS Laboratory

The LIAS shared with the University of Poitiers.

Before starting your application



You must contact our “Research Laboratories” in order to find a PhD topic and a PhD director who will supervise your scientific project.


Additional training

Doctoral training is enriched by complementary training courses organised within the doctoral school.



The PhD program leads to the award of the ISAE ENSMA national doctoral diploma which confers the grade and title of Doctor by the decree of May 25, 2016 (fixing the training and methods leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma).

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