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ISAE-ENSMA’s alumni association is the organization of the alumni and friends of ISAE-ENSMA. It promotes the image and the reputation of ISAE-ENSMA, as well as it contributes to the evolution of the school. Its members are not only ex-ISAE-ENSMA students, but also ISAE-ENSMA staff members, doctors, doctoral students and friends of our school.


Like many graduate schools in engineering, ISAE-ENSMA gives importance to the relations between the school and its alumni. It works in partnership with ISAE-ENSMA Alumni to post job offers and update the directory of ISAE-ENSMA alumni and alumnae. The Office of Relations with Industry devotes a lot of time to these two tasks. It collects information on the careers pursued by all ex-ISAE-ENSMA students. As a result, it keeps track of more than 4,000 ISAE-ENSMA engineers. At the end of each year, the service shares its data to help ISAE-ENSMA Alumni update the alumni directory. In turn, the association is, with the help of an advertising sales group, charged with the publication of the annual directory as well as its distribution to all ISAE-ENSMA Alumni members and to the corporations which have ordered the yearbook.

More information at: www.isae-ensma-alumni.org

Listen to Chantal GRESILLON, President of ISAE-ENSMA Alumni, during the ISAE-ENSMA Alumni Ambassadors Meeting on May 18, 2021: 

Find all the other testimonials recorded during this meeting on our YouTube channel in the “The pros club” section.

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