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Other masters

Together with the University of Poitiers, ISAE-ENSMA offers 2 Research Master’s degrees. These degree programs are closely linked to research laboratories: the Pprime Institute and the LIAS with over 200 research staff. These research-oriented Masters are also open to ISAE-ENSMA engineering students.

Master's degree in Materials Science - "High Performance Materials Engineering and Sustainable Development"

ISAE-ENSMA academic advisors: Gilbert Hénaff, Véronique Pelosin.

Objectives: the Master’s degree in Materials Science aims to train young researchers who should be able to grasp the major issues related to the properties, characterisation and development of materials and the physical mechanisms involved. The High-Performance Materials Engineering and Sustainable Development programme is dedicated to engineering and development processes, shaping and characterisation (in particular of metallic materials), as well as to improving the performance of new materials in line with sustainable development.

Enrolment in the Master’s degree in Materials Science at ISAE-ENSMA is only possible for students from ISAE-ENSMA partner universities.

Master of “Computer Science”

ISAE-ENSMA academic advisor: Michaël Richard.

Objectives: the aim is to train students in computer science research, through computer science research, with special emphasis on real time systems, databases, human/machine interface, software engineering.

Enrolment in the Master of Computer Science is only possible for students from ISAE-ENSMA partner universities.

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