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ANR Industrial Chair

Self Heating

Piloted by ENSTA Bretagne (Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme) with NAVALGROUP and SAFRAN and involving the Pprime Institute, the Self Heating industrial chair was selected by the National Research Agency (ANR) in 2020. For four years, the teams will work on measuring the thermal signature of materials under fatigue stress. The objective is to predict their damage and endurance in service.

The Pprime Institute’s teams are involved in the work on the following topics:

  • Fatigue at very high cycles and high temperatures on nickel-based superalloys
  • Observation of the internal damage mechanisms of organic matrix composites, behaviour law of matrix  materials
  • Harmfulness of defects in metals under fatigue loading

Duration of the Chair: 2020 – 2024

Overall budget: 2,05 M€


    Some examples of IRDL / Pprime studies:

    How to detect an internal defect on a casting part by thermal surface measurement without damaging the component?
    Overview of a high temperature (approx. 1000°C) gigacyclic (20 Khz) fatigue self-heating test setup
    Evaluation of the service life of a composite impacted by a shock: healthy composite material, damaged and possessing a synthetic defect / Temperature rise speed fields [°C.s-1] of the impacted material at 10J
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