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From a natural consideration of its strong axes – transports (aeronautics, automobile), space, energies and environment, defense and security – both for training and for research, ISAE-ENSMA has developed strong links and commitments with companies.


Engineering training

The industry plays a key role in the ISAE-ENSMA engineering training:

  • Specialized courses given by industrials
  • Collaboration for the engineering design projects and student projects
  • Peronalized mailing of internship and job offers
  • Organization of a project teams in collaboration with industrials
  • Organization of conferences, professional days and visits of companies

Research and Development

Faced with the evolution of society, the globalization of research and graduate education and the expectations of corporations, a future engineer must be increasingly reactive, adaptable and willing to relocate. ISAE-ENSMA graduate school has 2 missions: to train engineers that meet the needs of industry and to enhance the research conducted in its laboratories, in close partnership with industry.

The R&D effort conducted at ISAE-ENSMA, in close collaboration with CNRS and the University of Poitiers, is clearly devoted to engineering sciences, in full accordance with the vocation, image and missions of ISAE-ENSMA. Ties have long been forged with the aeronautical, the aerospace, the transport industries as well as the machine tool and the energy sectors.

The leading topics researched at ISAE-ENSMA are the following:

  • turbulence, unsteady and compressible aerodynamics, flow control
  • turbulent combustion and detonation science
  • mechanical behavior and durability of materials and structures
  • data engineering and embedded systems
  • coupled heat transfer and transfer control
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