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Engineers training

Engineering program

Engineering careers

The engineering profession

If being an engineer is a function, there are in fact several professions available to you: project manager, purchasing, logistics, quality, research and development, studies, methods, production, technical sales, business, maintenance, operation … The ISAE-ENSMA engineer has a profile mainly oriented towards design (research and development, design office) for the aeronautics and space, land transport, mechanics and energy industries.

Branches of activity

Most of young ISAE-ENSMA graduate engineers work in aeronautics, aerospace and defense, which is in keeping with their wish when arriving at ISAE-ENSMA. However, thanks to the broad academic training they have received at ISAE-ENSMA, they may also work in other branches, such as ground transportation, energy and industrial computing.

ISAE-ENSMA graduates are mainly recruited by large national and international companies (AirbusGroup, Safran, Dassault Aviation, CNES, ArianeGroup, Thales, MBDA, Renault, Stellantis, EDF, Framatome, etc., ) or by associated service providers (Altran, Sogeti High Tech, etc.).


Nature of the activity

The training provided at ISAE-ENSMA enables young engineers to work in design and R&D activities. Some graduates may also work in production or in the technical-commercial field.


98% of graduates in their first job have executive status, 80% of them have signed a permanent contract.

More than half of young engineers were hired before obtaining their diploma, the average search duration is less than a month.

The average annual salary, gross, excluding bonus, at the start of career, is 37,500€.

20% of graduates continue their studies (15% in thesis, 5% in specialized masters).


Examples of ISAE-ENSMA engineers

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