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Welcoming all visitors, whether they have special needs or not, is a fundamental priority for our school.

In order to guarantee the accessibility of our buildings and a quality visit for all, the school is particularly attentive to the needs of people with special needs. We have designed our facilities to encourage your independence and enable you to get the most of your visit and/or your education at ISAE-ENSMA.

Since 2014, ISAE-ENSMA has been committed to a continuous improvement approach by collaborating with companies specializing in disability.

In this section, you will find all the features  put in place to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Coming to ISAE-ENSMA


Postal adress: ISAE-ENSMA – Téléport 2, 1 Av. Clément Ader, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France

Tel.: 05 49 49 80 80

GPS coordinates: Latitude N 46° 39′ 40.9″ – Longitude E 0° 21′ 40.6″

Public transport

We recommend the following public transportation to get to our campus. They will drop you off as close as possible to the facility.

By train:

Two routes are possible, via:

Futuroscope train station, bus connection, stop “Université”:

  • Line 21 (direction Jaunay George Sand, departure Rond-Point): 14 min, 5 stops. Although access is wheelchair-friendly, it should be noted that the distance between Futuroscope Station and the Rond-Point bus stop is around 700 meters, a distance to be taken into account.
  • TER shuttle bus (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening).

Poitiers train station, with bus connections to the stop “Université”:

  • Line 1E (direction Futuroscope LPI, departure from Gare Grand Cerf): 21 min, 7 stops.
  • Line 1 (direction Futuroscope LPI, departure from Gare Léon Blum): 34 min, 18 stops.
  • Line 21 (direction Jaunay George Sand, departure from Gare Grand Cerf): 33 min, 23 stops.

Please consult the schedule at www.vitalis-poitiers.fr.

By bus:

Routes 1, 1E and 21 provide direct access to ISAE-ENSMA, at the stop “Université”.

A TER shuttle bus also runs to the Futuroscope train station (3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening).

Please consult the schedule at www.vitalis-poitiers.fr

By plane:

Poitiers-Biard airport, 15 minutes (by car) from the Futuroscope site.

Please note that the nearest bus stop is 1.1km from the airport (Line 14, departure Blériot). We recommend that you arrange for a third party to pick you up, a taxi, or use the Handibus service provided by the Vitalis transport company (https://www.vitalis-poitiers.fr/services/le-service-handibus/).

Facilities at stations and airport:

  • Elevators
  • Vigilance warning strips on platforms
  • Magnetic loops
  • Extended ticket control system
  • Adapted PRM ticket office

Personal vehicles and cabs

Via Autoroute A10 Paris-Bordeaux, exit Futuroscope (n°28) or Route Nationale RN10, exit Futuroscope, Téléport 2.

ISAE-ENSMA has set up a PRM (Person with Reduced Mobility) parking lot with 4 parking spaces close to the main entrance.

All 3 CMI (Carte mobilité inclusion) cards are accepted.     

Welcoming at ISAE-ENSMA

ISAE-ENSMA has equipped the reception staff at the main entrance with a magnetic induction loop. These loops guarantee clear and precise communication for people equipped with a hearing aid.  

In accordance with the French law of February 11, 2005, which requires all public buildings to comply with accessibility standards, our reception staff will being trained to welcome people with disabilities.

Getting around the school

The school has the necessary infrastructure of access, such as elevators, ramps, adjustable tables, removable shelves and magnetic induction loops in amphitheater A101.

However, there are still some areas that are not yet accessible, requiring the intervention of a trained person. Our reception staff will be happy explain these special features of the building to you.


The toilets available on the ISAE-ENSMA site are accessible and designed to meet current regulations.

Points to consider

The school covers an area of 32,000 m², which can mean relatively long distances to walk.  

At certain times of the year, the site can accommodate up to 1,000 people simultaneously, which can lead to congested areas and passages, and therefore be uncomfortable for some people.

We hope this information will help you prepare for your visit and/or training at ISAE-ENSMA. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions or requirements. We are here to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

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