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The Interactifs Labex (laboratory of excellence), led by the University of Poitiers in partnership with ISAE-ENSMA and the CNRS and supported by the Pprime Institute, has enabled the creation of a genuine centre of expertise in the field of interactions at fluid-solid interfaces. The work carried out, from the nanometre to the scale of systems, is concerned with fundamental problems situated at the frontiers of two specialties : solid materials and fluids. The research carried out has very concrete applications in the field of transport and energy on current subjects such as hydrogen storage, fuel cells, waste sorting and treatment or fire safety.

Timeframe of the program : 2012 – 2024

Total budget: € 5.185 millions


    Thanks to the involvement of more than 120 researchers and 75 PhD students since 2012, the Labex Interactifs has resulted in more than 250 articles and enabled the setting up of almost twenty academic collaborations.

    The financial support of €1.485 million, obtained in early 2019, covers the period 2020-2024. It will enable 19 doctoral or post-doctoral studies to be co-financed. Part of the budget is also devoted to teaching at doctoral level, master’s courses, the organisation of scientific events and the hosting of visiting researchers. Interactifs therefore plays an important role in the attractiveness and influence of the region’s higher education and research establishments, among students, researchers and also the industrial sector, ambitions shared by EUR Intree.

      Fire exposure of a composite material under stress
      Water droplet on a PTFE surface made
      super-hydrophobic by microtexturing
      PTFE surface micro-textured by Focused Ion Beam
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