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Employment data

ISAE-ENSMA offers a training that matches company expectations. Whereas a student looks for a training which helps him/her find a suitable position right after university, companies are interested in young engineers with a strong engineering background, which gives flexibility to career pathing, provides state-of-the-art competences to the organization while fostering innovation.


ISAE-ENSMA engineers have advanced knowledge in mechanics and energetics, with emphasis on:
– aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, heat transfer, energetics (combustion and detonics) ;
– structure and materials ;
– computer science (programming and systems design).

The first two years of studies are dedicated to a core training both in science (mathematics and physics) and in the engineering sciences mentioned above. The third and final year of studies is devoted to gaining practical experience though a 3 to 4-month internship in industry and to acquiring advanced skills in one of the three specific areas previously delineated.


Branches of activity

In line with ISAE-ENSMA’s domains of expertise, ISAE-ENSMA engineers pursue careers in priority in the aeronautical and aerospace industries (more than 50% of a class), the car industry, energies and environment sector, defense and security field. Software companies, the machine tool and metallurgy sectors and to a lesser extent banks and insurance companies also recruit ISAE-ENSMA engineers.


Nature of the activity

At the beginning of their careers, more than 80% of ISAE-ENSMA engineers work in engineering design or, research and development. They may also work in a production department, and less than 3% as sales engineers.

Consult the professional integration graphs and some testimonials.


Accordingly, over 60% of ISAE-ENSMA graduates work for major companies (employing over 500 staff). They are mainly recruited by large national and international companies (Airbus Group, Safran, Dassault Aviation, ArianeGroup, CNES, Thales, MBDA, Renault, Stellantis, EDF, Framatome, etc.) or by associated service providers (Altran, Sogeti High Tech, etc.).

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