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The kick-off of the “Emeraude” chair (for systems MatERiaux pour AUbes De turbinEs – French acronym) was last September 2023, 6th at ISAE-ENSMA. This industrial Safran-Pprime research chair is dedicated to the studies on cast Ni-based superalloys used for airfoils in aero-engines (blades and vanes).

This is an unusual research program in France, with a 100% financial support from Safran, through its companies Safran Tech, Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Helicopter Engines. This chair is hold by Vincent Maguin, research engineer at the Advanced Airfoils Department (PFX) of Safran Tech and by Jonathan Cormier, Associate Professor at ISAE-ENSMA and Engineer from ENSMA in 2003.

The Safran-Pprime industrial chair EMARAUDE will contribute to CO2 emissions reduction of future aeroengines and to National independence.

Duration of the Chair: 2023 – 2028

8 PhD theses


    This chair is a continuation of the long-term activities led at Pprime Institute for 20 years on this class of materials in the Damage and Durability team, with a production of more than 100 publications and 5 patents. This prestigious program will last for (at least) 5 years, including 8 PhD theses. It will focus on Processing/Microstructure/Mechanical and Environmental Durability.

    The main goals of this program will be a better modeling of the durability in close-to-service conditions, a better control of processing conditions, the design and the selection of suitable alloys considering specific operational targets and a better understanding of damage mechanisms of these alloys and their coatings in future combustion environment, including a higher content of water vapor (hydrogen combustion).

    From a societal point of view, this program will contribute to reduction in CO2 emissions of aviation through higher operating temperature of aero-engines and/or the use of new fuels, but it will also contribute to a greater National independence in the production and the design of advanced airfoils concepts for improved performances of aircraft and helicopters. Such a program will also contribute to maintain the National and International leader position of Pprime Institute in the mechanics of High Temperature materials field.

    Optimized microstructure of TROPEA Ni-based single crystal superalloys co-developed by Safran and Pprime Institute
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