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The school has a dual mission of developing fundamental knowledge in key fields related to transport and energy (materials, fluid mechanics, thermal science, combustion, real time and embedded systems), and of transferring this knowledge to major French groups, via research contracts and via the training of engineering, masters and PhDs students. Since 2018, ISAE-ENSMA is listed in the Shanghai World Ranking, in the “Mechanical Engineering” category, in 163rd position in 2021 (12th French institution).


ISAE-ENSMA devotes half of its surface area (17,000 m²) and half of its net budget (8 M€ in 2019) to research laboratories. It hosts about 250 researchers, teacher-researchers and support staff from the school, the CNRS and the University of Poitiers. More than 18 M€ of research agreements have been signed in five years. The school has heavy research equipment, some of which is unique in Europe, installed on the PROMETEE platform. This platform, shared with the CNRS and the University of Poitiers, is at the heart of the Poitiers-Futuroscope Aeronautics and Transport Campus.


ISAE-ENSMA’s privileged partners are the R&D departments of major organisations or industrial groups such as SAFRAN (with which there has been a specific partnership agreement since 2014), AIRBUS GROUP, CNES, CEA, PSA, Renault, etc.)

Innovation and transfer

The Partnership and Research Development Department, a structure shared with the CNRS and the University of Poitiers, assists ISAE-ENSMA researchers and teacher-researchers with project engineering, negotiating agreements and an innovation approach. The school is a member of the Aliénor Transfert Agency, whose mission is to accelerate the transfer of technology from public research to the socio-economic world.

Networks and influence

ISAE-ENSMA is a founding member and administrator of the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster. The school is a partner of the University of Poitiers in the LABEX Interactif and the EUR InTree. It has supported the EQUIPEX GAP programme.

Watch a video presentation of the Equipex GAP:

ISAE-ENSMA has supervized the Programme TRANSPORT of the CPER-FEDER 2015-2020.

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