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Associations and clubs

Student life at ISAE-ENSMA is livened up by about seventy five associations and clubs managed by the Student Fraternity. Students can thus take part in the activity of their choice.

There are clubs with aeronautical and space vocations, scientific, humanitarian, solidarity and environmental, sporting, cultural and economic.

Students brochure 2023

The different associations and clubs:


ENSMAIR offers its members (conquered by the first flight proposed to all new class for an advantageous price) to initiate to the pleasure of piloting at reasonable prices.

ENSMA Planeur

ENSMAéro, for model building fans (video ENSMAéro)

ENSMAstro if your head is in the stars

3AF (Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France).


ENSMA Space Project that gathers the space-related projects such as mini-satellites, experimental rockets, high-altitude balloons, parabolic flights…

MICRO DRONE which aim is (in partnership with ONERA and DGA) to demonstrate the technical feasibility and the interest of miniature UAVs.

ENSMArathon Shell studies and builds a car prototype aiming to covering the longest distance with only one liter of gas.

ENSMA Steel whose objective is the realization of an autonomous robot

Humanitarian and solidarity vocation

CSF (Club Sans Frontière) takes part, through direct actions, to the improvement of the living conditions in certain Third World countries and contributes to make known better this part of the world thanks to the organization of many events.

UrgENScliMA brings together students and teachers who feel concerned by the current climate crisis. Our objectives are to enlighten and raise students’ awareness of environmental issues as well as to debate the role of engineers in the energy transition. As part of this theme, we are organizing various projects: awareness week within the campus, setting up a compost and a vegetable garden near student residences, cleaning up a polluted place, etc.

BASE (for Office of Solidarity and Environmental Actions) whose goal is to make the community of the public engineering school aware of social and environmental issues, and also to encourage the academic body to review the copy of the training of engineers.

The CESA (Club Ensmatique de Solidarité antisexiste) will welcome you to discuss, exchange or simply learn more about the different genders. 


BUREAU DES SPORTS : website, video and Instragram.

ENSMA Régate takes part in the EHDEC race and the Armorica Cup, and also proposes weekends at sea for the beginners as for the initiates.

ENSMA Surf, for those who like to slide

ENSMAviron (video 1, video 2).




ENSMA Tacl’, women’s football

ENSMA Tennis


ENSMA Roller

Rock, Hip Hop, Salsa, Pom Pom

ENSMA Raid, multisport

ENSMA Grimpe, climbing (video ENSMA Grimpe).

ENSMA Boule, for petanque lovers

And also 4L Trophy, golf, skiing, parachuting, bungee jumping…


BUREAU DES ARTS, on Facebook and Instagram

CINEnsMASCOPE each year show blockbuster movies, but also old movies with discussion groups.



ENSMA Cirque




CITE (theatrical improvisation)



And also video / editing, comics, chess, board games and video games …

Economical vocation

ENSMA JUNIOR ETUDES is a group of engineering students from ISAE-ENSMA working together to develop and promote entrepreneurship within their school.

The association can hire its members among the 500 students and is supported by the director of ISAE-ENSMA, the teacher-researchers and the PhD students.

The aim is to acquire, as quickly as possible, the status of Junior Creation and then Junion Company awarded by the CNJE, attesting the quality of its services. Operating like a consulting company, ENSMA Junior Etudes offers high-level services for a cost in proportion with the level of expertise of the students in the areas of competences of the school.

For more information and for any estimate request, please consult the website: https://eje.ensma.fr/

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