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A school with strong ties to the region

With 28,000 students, among which nearly 4,000 forein students from 117 countries, Poitiers is a university capital in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The city and its suburbs live at the same rhythm as the university schedule and activities. This strong student life contributes to a daily animation of the streets, squares and cafés.

Poitiers, a university capital

Lively and dynamic, Poitiers combines with talent, quality of life (citizenship and environmental values), economic and university activity. A vast number of cultural and leisure events liven it up throughout the year and it is possible to practice almost all sports activities thanks to numerous facilities.

So, it is quite natural that Poitiers should regularly been mentioned as one of the most attractive French cities of less than 300,000 inhabitants

It is located one hour away from the Marais Poitevin and the Cognac vineyards and less than two hours from the beaches of Charente-Maritime and Vendée as well as the Loire Valley chateaux. Thanks to its location, it enjoys the strong influence from other areas thanks to the high speed train (it takes 1:15 from Paris and 1:20 from Bordeaux) and the air connections.

Situated in an area of art and history, the birthplace of Romanesque art, Poitiers has an exceptional wealth of more than 80 buildings listed as historical monuments.

Poitiers is also one of the most ancient universities in Europe (1431). Today Poitiers has 28,000 students and 90,000 inhabitants (190,000 in the metropolitan area).

Ville de Poitiers     Grand Poitiers


Vienne, the country of Futuroscope

With nearly 2 million visitors per year, 1,000 direct jobs and several thousand induced jobs, Futuroscope has become the major axis of regional development in the department. Its development since 1985 has been based on the presentation of new attractions each year, enhances Vienna and ensures the international reputation of our department.

The Futuroscope Park occupies a special place in the leisure park market, between pure entertainment and educational discovery. It offers a double promise: to entertain the whole family and to arouse curiosity with the power of emotion and imagination.

1:15 from Paris by TGV, the Technopole du Futuroscope has 60,000 m2 of high-tech offices over 200 hectares. Located at the gates of the European Image Park, near Poitiers, this advanced telecommunications area has already attracted 150 companies (multimedia, customer relations centers, e-business), nearly 3,000 students and more than 700 researchers. Designed at the instigation of the General Council of Vienne, the Technopole has become a unique reference site in France where the activities of tomorrow are born. 

Futuroscope     Technopole du Futuroscope     Le Poitou

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region supports ISAE-ENSMA 

The regional territory brings together an important aeronautical sector with 900 establishments and 70,000 jobs. To support and accompany the development of this sector, it is essential to stimulate research, the transfer of technology, and to train more engineers in New Aquitaine. ISAE-ENSMA is at the heart of these issues to participate in the visibility, influence and growth of the aeronautical sector in our territory. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region therefore supports this establishment in research and training projects. 

Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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