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The LabCom @LIENOR, Laboratoire pour l’Insertion des Energies Nouvelles et l’Optimisation des Réseaux, is a joint laboratory funded by the ANR bringing together the LIAS laboratory and the distribution network operator SRD, the 5th largest electricity distribution network operator in France.

SRD develops, operates, maintains and modernises nearly 12,000 km of electricity network and nearly 150,000 delivery points in the Vienne department, and manages the associated data.

For several years, the growth of the ENR production park has been rapid and sustained: the installed capacity on the SRD network, which manages and operates the electricity networks of 244 communes in the Vienne department, increased from 119 MegaWatt (MW) at the end of 2014 to 340 MW at the end of 2020. That same year, the energy produced locally and injected into the SRD network represented 55% of the energy consumed in the same territory.

LabCom’s research is divided into four areas of research:

  • optimisation of the distribution of electrical flows,
  • estimation and forecasting of consumption and ENR production,
  • study of the impact of new uses,
  • industrialisation of the tool combining the contributions of the three previous axes.

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