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The main subjects you can find in the books at the library are related to the courses taught at ISAE-ENSMA : Sciences-Mathematics and, Techniques (Applied science).

You can also read & borrow newspapers, scientific magazines, comics , french & foreign novels

Online Catalog: https://bibliotheque.ensma.fr/

Reader’s Guide  Charte de la bibliothèque—————————————————————————————————————————————


+33(0)5 49 49 83 73 (ou +33(0)5 49 49 80 24) bibliotheque@ensma.fr

Informations about scientific journals for PPRIME-ISAE-ENSMA: Cécile Boyé

Head of the Documentation Resource Center, records, PhD theses:

Bénédicte Carouge

Information & reference desk, classification of the collections: Muriel Sincère


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