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ISAE-ENSMA doctoral programs

ISAE-ENSMA is associated with the University of Poitiers in a joint Doctoral School, The Ecole Doctorale SPI&A (Doctoral School in Engineering and Aeronautics), which ISAE-ENSMA PhD students graduate from. The expertise of ENSMA in aeronautical engineering and ISAE-ENSMA’s membership in the GEA group (Grandes Ecoles Aéronautiques) actively contribute to SPI&A’s solid reputation in aeronautics.


Training programs

The contribution of ISAE-ENSMA to the training programs of the SPI&A Doctoral School consists of Master’s level courses offered in the 3rd year of studies of ISAE-ENSMA’s engineer training. Courses include training in combustion, turbulence, plasticity, radiations etc.). These advanced courses can be followed by PhD students, concurrently with their PhD research, to give them additional expertise in their research subject.

Furthermore, PhD students have access to ISAE-ENSMA’s library, therefore to all the library resources jointly used by all research laboratories.


Training through research

The research training of doctoral students is completed at one of the 5 laboratories at ISAE-ENSMA. Some of them are associated with the University of Poitiers. The laboratories have expertise in a number of sciences, which mostly target the aeronautical and aerospace industries but also address the needs of the transportation, mechanical engineering and energy sectors.

Most PhD research is conducted in close collaboration with corporations, in particular with aeronautical firms (AIRBUS, SNECMA, AEDS, DASSAULT ….) and automobile manufacturers (RENAULT, PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN…) or with research institutions (ONERA…). The close ties forged with industry, which favor the recruitment of young PhD graduates in these enterprises, are beneficial to students who pursue their career in national research bodies by helping them initiate future partnerships with the corporate world.