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The ISAE group

The ISAE group

The ISAE group, 1st world center of training and research in aeronautical and space engineering.

The ISAE group has a vocation to federate in France the schools of aeronautical and space engineering under a common banner, in a way to develop the influence of those schools, both nationally and globally, and to promote the engineering training in areas such aeronautics and space.

The ISAE group was created in May 2011 with the joining of ENSMA Poitiers, and welcomed in September 2012, as associate partners, ESTACA (Paris-Saclay, France) and the French Air Force Academy (Salon-de-Provence, France).

With the joining of those two new schools, the ISAE group, on top of its engineering training from SUPAERO and ENSMA, its range of Master programs, specialized Master degrees and PhDs, from now on offers to aeronautical and space industries a range of graduates, unique in Europe.



Founded in Poitiers in 1948, ENSMA has been located since 1993 next to the site of Futuroscope. In fifty years, our school has acquired a reputation for excellence by training more than 5 500 high level engineers, supported by a world famous research program developed through multiple partnerships with large companies, which, in addition, hire many of our graduate students. The academic training given at ENSMA enables the young graduate engineers to choose jobs in engineering design departments, research and development mainly in the aeronautical and space industries, and more generally in the ground transportation, mechanics and energy industries.


The “Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace” (ISAE) was created in 2007 from the merger of the two prestigious French “Grandes Ecoles”: SUPAERO (1909) and ENSICA (1945). ISAE-SUPAERO is today a worldwide reference in aerospace high education and research. ISAE-SUPAERO develops an active scientific policy and cooperates with the best research institutes and the high Europrean and North-American universities (as Caltech, Stanford, Berkeley…). The Institute welcomes 1 500 students and delivers very high level engineering training, Master programs, specialized master degrees and PhDs which have influence in all key economic sectors in France and abroad: aeronautics and space, energy, transportation, audit and consulting, research institutions…


ESTACA is an advanced postgraduate degree in engineering right after the French “BAC” which trains technology-minded engineers, which respond to the needs of new mobilities. Founded in 1925, the school gathers 1 500 students on two institutions located next to Paris and in Laval. Its aim is to train engineers and provide research applied to aeronautics, automotive, space and guided transport industries. The training courses constantly evolve to meet the requirement of companies and adapt to the emergence of new technologies or disciplines: respect for environment, energetic control, growing urbanization. To meet those stakes, ESTACA trains multidisciplinary and multicultural engineers who will find innovative technological solutions to answer the changing of modes of transportation.

French Air Force Academy

The French Air Force Academy, commanded by a general officer, was founded in 1935 and is located on the site of Salon-de-Provence since 1937. The Military school provides initial and in-service training of all Air Force Officers. Whatever the degree, the aims are to train combatant and the military leader, the decision-maker and the future leader, as well as the expert of aeronautics and space area. The general policy is to give to future officers the skills to analyze in a complex environment, to make decision when feeling uncertain and to act in adversity.

Key figures

Total number of students: 4 300

Number of engineering students: 3 300

Number of hD students: 351

Number of professors and research engineers: 442

Number of teacher-researchers accredited to manage research (HDR): 74

Turnover for research: 37 M€

Number of partner foreign universities: 124

Number of alumni: 34 000