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Congratulations to Patricia Domingo Alvarez, student from the MSc AME (graduated in 2016) for her second prize at the 2017 PEGASUS-AIAA student conference, organized in Berlin on April 6 & 7, 2017 by the European network Pegasus.
The European conference aims to promote the students’s work during their final projects or Master thesis related to aeronautics. The winner of the competition is then invited to participate in the AIA

concours PEGASUS-AIAA_2

A International Student Conference in the United States, representing both the European continent and our network.

Her Master thesis was on « Large-Eddy Simulation of spray combustion in aeronautical burners ». This is the first time a student from ISAE-ENSMA wins a prize for this competition.
For more information about the conference and the Pegasus network : https://www.pegasus-europe.org/?PEGASUS-AIAA_Student_Conference
concours PEGASUS-AIAA_1
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