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Ensemble vers l’Excellence

4 crews of ISAE-ENSMA have just left the school for the adventure of the 4L Trophy this Tuesday, February 13th.

Then they will join other crews of the Vienna to rally together Spain and Morocco.

The 4 teams starting this year:
Amélie Lemercier and Fabian Guichard
Romain Berquier and Mathieu Dunoyer
Quentin Carmignac and one of his non ENSMA friends
Martin Louvet and Thomas Maring

The ENSMA Trophy is an association of students from ENSMA which brings together for more than 10 years the crews who participate in the 4L Trophy, a student humanitarian raid in Renault 4L which takes place this year from February 15 to 25, 2018.
The goal is multiple: bring 4 bags of sports and educational business that will be donated to the Moroccan association Enfant du désert (which is responsible for spreading education in remote areas of Morocco by building and equipping schools), prepare (and / or repair) a Renault 4L to travel more than 6000 km to Marrakech, crossing Spain and the Moroccan desert.

The four crews have been preparing for almost a year and are now looking forward to storming the Moroccan dunes for their greatest happiness.

Have a good trip and have a good trip!

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