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Engineers training

Engineering program

3rd year at ISAE-ENSMA under a professionalization contract

The Professionalization Contract is a sandwich course between the school and a company that allows you to acquire professional skills leading to the ISAE-ENSMA engineering degree.

You will combine the fundamental teachings of the core curriculum and the specialization with professional practice within the company. You will specialise by alternating time between the school and the company and consolidate your skills in mechanical and aeronautical  engineering.

The contract is signed between the company and the student, and a training agreement is signed between the company and ISAE-ENSMA.


What's in it for the student ?

  • To enhance the value of their engineering degree by acquiring professional experience in a sandwich course.
  • Make practical use of the skills acquired at ISAE-ENSMA in a company.
  • Benefit from the support of a company tutor and an academic tutor to increase your skills.
  • Join a company with a high probability of recruitment after graduating.
  • Follow a free (tuition fees paid) and paid training course (80% of the minimum wage).
  • Benefit from the status of an employee.

Steps for the student

  • Apply to ISAE-ENSMA and validate your application.
  • Offer your services and skills to companies.
  • Have the mission proposed by the company validated by ISAE-ENSMA.
  • Sign a professionalization contract with the host company.

How is the time spent in the company and at school structured ?



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