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Ensemble vers l’Excellence

Universities of Tours, La Rochelle, Limoges, Poitiers and Orléans, INSA Centre Val de Loire and ISAE-ENSMA decided to establish an inter-academic community of universities and institutions (COMUE) grouping of higher education in the Centre, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes institutions.

This new COMUE (Commonwealth of Universities and institutions) is part of the ESR Act of July 22, 2013 by Genevieve Fioraso scope. This COMUE is first a strategic project that will allow its partners be more ambitious by making together what can not be done alone.

This ambitious project, officially presented to the ministry April 30, 2014, was developed in consultation with and with the support of three regional authorities concerned and corresponds to the perimeter of the new region by the President of the Republic June 2, 2014.

The objective of this new COMUE is to improve European and international visibility of research potential and higher education that represents a group of more than 80,000 students, more than 3,100 researchers and research professors and nearly 130 research units .

To achieve its objectives, COMUE also intends to develop a joint strategic project that will answer a call to ISIT projects (Future Investment Programme 2) based on the scientific areas of excellence associated premises. These areas, international recognition and strong local presence, will be organized around the following triptych: energy and environmental transition; health and wellness; digital economy.

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