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The Pprime Institute, Clean Research Unit (UPR) of the CNRS in partnership with the University of Poitiers and ISAE-ENSMA, brings together all the scientific activities in Sciences for the Engineer of the site poitevin.

The main fields of application are transport and energy, paying particular attention to environmental aspects.

It has a total of 600 people, including about two hundred researchers and teacher-researchers who rely on a hundred technical staff. Nearly two hundred students are preparing for their doctorate, and it is constantly welcoming many foreign colleagues, Post-Doc and Masters.

The Institut Pprime relies on different technical platforms. This is notably the case of the new Prometée platform, which is progressively taking over the experimental installations of the former Center for Aerodynamic and Thermal Studies (CEAT) created in the 1960s. It is home to the largest experimental laboratories in the laboratory. aerodynamics and high-speed high-temperature aeroacoustics, flow control or tribology.
The second phase of realization of the Prometée platform will see the reimplantation of the benches to reproduce extreme situations: materials under very high loads and aggressive media, combustion, detonation.

Beyond this technical platform, it is necessary to mention the presence in the laboratory of original banks and endowed with unique specificities on the national territory, make it possible to approach studies with different TRL, from the fundamental to the tests of prototypes in configurations of use .

The complementarity of the laboratory’s themes, the coherence of our experimental skills with those in modeling and numerical simulation, were recognized during the calls for projects “Investments of the Future” by obtaining a Laboratory of Excellence ‘Interactive Labex’ and Equipment Excellence ‘Equipex GAP (Aero Propulsor Group)’ carried entirely by the laboratory, as well as participation in the ‘Equipex Robotex’ carried by the CNRS.

Find in images all the means of tests of the Institute Pprime

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