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The World Students’ Night or NEM (for “Nuit des Etudiants du Monde”) was created by the city of Lyon 12 years ago and is supported and encouraged by AVUF (Association des Villes Universitaires de France) and ESN (Erasmus Student Network). The NEM is a great welcome night which takes place in October each year in 20 French cities. It is organized by the International Offices of higher education institutions and also by the CROUS (Student National Office).  Specially designed for International students who have chosen to study in France,  this welcome night offers different cultural events in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. All students can participate and enjoy exhibitions, touristic discoveries, concerts etc.

The goal of this event is not only to make international students happy with their new environment and to feel well-integrated but also an occasion to have international ambassadors who can convey positive messages about the city that welcomed them. It is therefore a great way for the French cities involved in the World Students’ night to enhance their attractiveness abroad but also in France.

The third edition of the World student’s Night in Poitiers took place on October 20 and hosted around 600 students studying in Poitiers for a year or more.

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